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2024 CNA Final Exam Review ( Version 2 ) A++ Exam with All New Qs & As - Guaranteed Pass!

2024 CNA Final Exam Review ( Version 2 ) A++ Exam with All New Qs & As - Guaranteed Pass!

1. Culture is:
A. The process of exchanging information
B. Body movements, facial expressions and posture
C. Traditional behaviors practiced by a group of people
D.The acknowledgement of a question
Answer: C
2. Which of the following tasks is outside the scope of practice for an NA?
A. Giving a resident a bath
B. Inserting tubes into a resident's body
C. Helping a resident eat dinner
D.Transferring a resident from the bed to a chair
Answer: B
3. Which of these is within the NAs scope of practice?
A. The resident's activities of daily living
B. The resident's treatment plan
C. Updating the resident's care plan
D.The resident's medication plan
Answer: A
4. The first person in the NAs chain of command is the:
A. Administrator
B. Supervising nurse
C. Director of Nursing
D. Medical Director
Answer: B
5. Scope of practice defines:
A. Tasks that healthcare providers are legally allowed to do
B. Tasks that once practiced and mastered can be done by NAs
C. The practice of providing healthcare interventions
D.Who is in the NA's chain of command
Answer: A

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