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2024 NSCA CSCS Study Guide (Chapter 1) Latest Q&A in Study Guide - A++ Guaranteed!

2024 NSCA CSCS Study Guide (Chapter 1) Latest Q&A in Study Guide - A++ Guaranteed!

1. A-Band
Answer: Dark area of Sarcomere corresponding to Myosin
2. Acetylcholine
Answer: Major neurotransmitter that crosses neuromuscular junction and causes
excitation of the sarcolemma. In sufficient amount creates action potential along
sarcolemma and muscle contraction.
3. Actin
Answer: Thin myofilament (6nm). Anchored at the Z-line. One of 2 components that
make up a myofibril (actin/myosin). Closely associated with Troponin and
Tropomyosin forming a double-helix.
4. Action Potential
Answer: Electrical nerve impulse that drives muscle contraction.The AP originates in
the cortex and via motor neurons to the motor unit drives the release of calcium
from the sarcoplasmic reticulum into the myofibril.
5. All-or-None Principle
Answer: A stronger AP does not produce a stronger contraction. Above a specific
threshold the contraction is the same, below that threshold there is no contraction.
6. Alveolar Pressure
Answer: Pressure inside of the alveoli when the glottis is open and no air is flowing
into or out of the lungs. During inspiration alveolar pressure must be below ATM
pressure, during expiration alveolar pressure must be above ATM pressure.
7. Alveoli
Answer: Smallest respiratory branch, highest generation (23rd) where gas is
exchanged in respiration.
8. AorticValve
Answer: Semilunar valve that prevents back flow from Aorta during diastole
(ventricular relaxation).
9. Atrioventricular Bundle (AV Bundle)
Answer: Part of conduction system of the heart by relaying impulse to ventricles.

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