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2024 NSCA CSCS Exam ( Version 5 ) New Full Exam Questions and Answers ( Included ) 100% Correct

2024 NSCA CSCS Exam ( Version 5 ) New Full Exam Questions and Answers ( Included ) 100% Correct

1. sliding filament theory
Answer: theory that actin filaments slide toward each otherduring muscle
contraction, while the myosin filaments are still
2. Z line
Answer: A dark thin protein band to which actin filaments are attached in a striated
muscle fiber, marking the boundaries between adjacent sarcomeres.
3. T tubules
Answer: Also called transverse tubules, these are deep invaginations of the plasma
membrane found in skeletal and cardiac muscle cells. These invaginationsallow
depolarization of the membrane to quickly penetrate to the interior of the cell.
4. sarcoplasmic reticulum
Answer: Organelle of the muscle fiber that stores calcium.
5. What does the sarcoplasmic reticulum store?
Answer: Calcium
6. H zone
Answer: The region at the center of an A band of a sarcomere that is made up of
myosin only.The H zone gets shorter (and may disappear) during musclecontraction.
7. I band
Answer: light band
8. What is responsible for movement for the actin filament
Answer: Myosincross-bridges pulling on Actin filaments
9. Resting Phase of Sliding FilamentTheory
Answer: Little Ca2+ is present in myofibril.There are few myosin cross-bridges and
Actin and Myosin have a weak bond
10. Troponin
Answer: a globular protein complex involved in muscle contraction.It occurswith
tropomyosin in the thin filaments of muscle tissue.

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