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2024 VTNE Anesthesia Exam 1 New Full Exam Questions and Answers ( Included ) 100% Correct

2024 VTNE Anesthesia Exam 1 New Full Exam Questions and Answers ( Included ) 100% Correct

1. Tidal Volume
Answer: The volume of gas inhaled and exhaled during one respiratorycycle
2. Morphine, Hydromorphone, Oxymorphone, Fentanyl, Meperidine,Methadone
Answer: Pure Mu Agonists
3. Characteristics of pure mu agonists
Answer: Provide the best analgesia
Carry the most risks of side effects (bradycardia, hypotension, respiratory
depression, sedation)
Short term relief or longer term maintenance of severe pain such as cancer
4. Buprenorphine
Answer: Partial Mu Agonist
5. Characteristics of partial mu agonists
Partially activates mu receptors
Very safe
Low side effects and sedation
Can be used to reverse pure mu agonists while still providing analgesia"Ceiling
effect" reduces the usefulness for severe pain
6. Butorphanol,Tramadol
Answer: Mixed Agonist / Antagonists
7. Characteristics of mixed agonists / antagonists
Answer: Activates some receptorsand inhibits others
Good pain relief
8. Amantadine, Dextromethorphan, Ketamine
Answer: NMDA receptor antagonists
9. Characteristics of NMDA receptor antagonists
Adjunctive drugs to helplessen pain

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