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2024 VTNE Exam Prep Surgical Nursing Part 1 New Full Questions and Answers ( Included ) 100% Correct

2024 VTNE Exam Prep Surgical Nursing Part 1 New Full Questions and Answers ( Included ) 100% Correct

1. A very young puppy presents with a history of milk coming from his noseand seems to cough and
gurgle when he eats. What deformity commonly results in this presentation?
Persistent right aortic arch
Occluded sinus
Esophageal stricture
Cleft palate
Stenotic nares
Answer: A common presentation for cleft palate is milk coming from apuppy's (or kitten's) nose after or
during eating.
It is a defect that affects the upper lip and/or the roof of the mouth. Cleft palate caninvolve only the soft
tissue in the back of the mouth (soft palate) or extend forward through the front of the mouth (hard
palate).Ifthere is a hole in the roof of the mouth,milk can travel out the nose while the puppy is drinking.
2. What is a sarcolemma?
A contractile cell in the muscle
Connective tissue putting muscle fibers into groups
The cell membrane which encloses a muscle fiber
A calcium storage unit in the muscle
Answer: A sarcolemma is a thin membrane enclosing a striated muscle fiber, or simply the cell wall of
a muscle cell.
A sarcomere is the contractile unit of a myofibril, or muscle cell. Sarcomeres arerepeating units and are
located between Z lines of the muscle cells.
Perimysium is connective tissue that groups individual muscle fibers into bunchesor groups.
3. Which vessel transports blood from the intestines to the liver?
Renal artery

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