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2024 VTNE Exam Review ( Version 4 ) New Full Questions and Answers ( Included ) 100% Correct

2024 VTNE Exam Review ( Version 4 ) New Full Questions and Answers ( Included ) 100% Correct

1. The 4th upper premolars are connected with which structure in dogs?
Answer: Maxillary Sinus
2. Lactose-fermenting bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Klebsiella appear what color on
MacConkey agar?
Answer: Pink or Red
3. Which stain is used to look for lipids or fats and is helpful in looking for intestinal
Answer: Sudan Stain
4. What is a good way to assess daily changes in hydration status of a patient that is in the
hospital for several days or longer?
Answer: Body Weight
5. An owner presents her puppy for severe itching. The veterinarian diagnoses Sarcoptes mites
with a superficial skin scraping. The owner wants to know if this mite is contagious to her and
her children. Whatshould you tell her?
Answer: Yes, there can be a temporary transmission from her dog to those with direct contact,
but the mites are host-specific and the infection is temporary
6. The somatic nervous system is responsible for which of the following functions?
Answer: Voluntary motor movement
7. Which of the following would you use to induce emesis in cats?
Answer: Xylazine
8. In which situation would perioperative antibiotics NOT be indicated?
Answer: Excisional biopsy of a 2cm mass
9. Which medication is considered a gastric "band-aid"?
Answer: Sucralfate
10. A cat is given dexmedetomidine, and the cat's heart rate has dropped significantly.
The veterinarian asks you to give the reversal, which is the following is the appropriate
reversal agent?
Answer: Atipamezole
11. How is tularemia transmitted (what is the vector)?
Answer: Ticks

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